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July 8, 2010


Why everybody hates the help desk

Everyone loves to hate the help desk.  Social barriers, language barriers, and lack of proactive improvement have all contributed to the stereo-types placed on the helpdesk.  One of my favorite sketches over the last decade from Saturday Night Live was Nick Burns: your company’s computer guy.  Have a look:

Nick Burns – The Company Computer Guy

Bri | MySpace Video

While I’m not in a basic help desk role, the assist desk that I work with sees its share of customers passed around organization’s broader help desk.  So far, I’ve been able to link this to a number of key factors: failure or inability to use available knowledge resources; lack of effective communication between the silo service desks that exist; the desire to pass on the responsibility rather than actually try to solve a problem.

In my 8-month work term, it is not going to be my job to over-haul the entire service desk, it won’t be my job to change processes that are followed to effectively maintain the enterprise-wide support knowledge-base, and it won’t be part of my job description to analyze the routing efficiency of service calls.  However, while I am in my role as a PI System Strategy & Initiation Analyst, I will seek to achieve a number of visible objectives and to make an impact in the organization.

To put everything in perspective, my current role is supporting a suite of engineering applications.  The applications historize data which is collected from various locations across the organization – basically any plant that the engineers want to trend data from.  Sensors (eg. temperature or pressure) send readings to SCADA (and other) type devices, which then pass the data through a complex architecture until they reach applications on the desktop which we support.  That’s a little simplified for time’s sake, but it’s an interesting and complex world of software and business processes.  All that said I should have an eventful eight months.

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